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Dance Competition

Layali Dance Festival 2019 will feature a competition in three categories:

• Bellydance (professional)
• Bellydance (amateur)
• Oriental + Latin fusion (open level)


(all categories)

In order to compete you must be signed up for at least one workshop at the festival. The entrance fee for one category is 150 SEK. If you enter in multiple categories the cost is 100 SEK per category. Entrance in one category is included in all packages.

Register for the competition by filling in this form and send an email to with your name, competition category, and which workshop(s) you are registered for.

You may only enter one bellydance category, either professional or amateur – not both.  If you are unsure of which level you should enter, contact and we will assist you with placement.

The Oriental + Latin Fusion category is open level for all and you are of course welcome to participate in both the bellydance and fusion categories.

Your dance should be no longer than 2:30 minutes. We will check when you send the music so please make sure it is the right length. (All music files must be received by February 1st, 2019.) If your music includes a drum solo, the drum solo portion should be no more than 50 % of the song.

The judges will look at choreography, technique, artistry, expression, costuming, creativity, and more.

There is a maximum of 10 people in each category so do not hesitate to register to reserve your spot.

If you have won free competition entrance (as winner of another festival’s competition), this is valid until December 31st, 2018. If you have not yet registered at that time you lose your spot.

In general, you are amateur level if:

– You do not get paid regularly for teaching or performing
– You have never competed in a professional bellydance contest

You are professional level if:

– You are a teacher or regularly get paid for performing
– You usually compete in professional level bellydance contests

Oriental + Latin Fusion

In the Oriental + Latin Fusion category, your dance must contain elements of both bellydance and some form of Latin dance. We define this broadly, so it could be salsa, bachata, kizomba, samba, chacha, tango… there are many options. Be creative! If you have questions, just ask! We will let you know. The dance may also contain elements of tribal fusion belly dance but then it still must have Latin fusion, not just tribal fusion.

Your dance should contain at least 30% of each style – for instance 30% Latin and 70% bellydance, or 70% Latin and 30% bellydance, or 50% percent of each, or some other breakdown.  But it should be fusion, not split into two separate sections.


You can pay via Swish or international bank transfer:
Please don’t forget to write what you are paying for.

Swish: 123 676 48 23

Bank transfer:
IBAN: SE9180000832799130904353
Layali Orientaliska Dansakademi
Piprensarv 9
12357 FARSTA

Schedule and topics are subject to change.

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